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    Default access holes for new electrical in textured ceiling


    I'm running a new 220 romex line for a cooktop that is now gas. First floor kitchen, slab house. Line needs to run parallel to the joists (easy), and then perpendicular to them for about 12-14 feet above a textured (stiple) ceiling. So, I'll need several access holes for running the romex. I can drill 4-5 joist spans at once.

    I'm going to hire a pro-drywaller to do the patch work, but have a few questions. In terms of the access holes, is it just as easy to patch a hole 3 inches wide as 12 inches wide (by 16")? Does size matter I guess is what I'm trying to say. I'll have 3-4 holes that will need patching.

    The last access hole will be next to a wall above a door. The electrical runs though a breezeway between the garage and the house (kitchen). Any tips for cutting the hole here to make the job easy for him?

    I've had this guy do work before. Drywall mud/texture patch on ceiling from water damage - and I can't tell where he did the repair. It was an excellent job. I've had others where I could tell, but not this one. I thought it would be easier to ask on here than actually have him out to my house. Saves a trip. I've googled this, and came up blank. I did see a funny youtube vid with a guy standing on the top step of a ladder though.

    Thanks in advance for the suggestions.


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    I had to google Romex.

    A decent drywall guy will make good any size of patch cut. Only cut out what you need for access then let him take care of the rest. A circular core cutter may do the trick as the cut outs are simple to reinstall later.

    Do you have access from the floor above?
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